Acting Classes for kids and Adults that deliver results

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Mission Statement

Universal Acting will educate and guide students to work, develop, and strengthen their craft, while encouraging verbal communication, mental spontaneity, self-confidence, and social interaction. They will learn how to be expressive in a safe and fun environment, and have a better understanding/appreciation for themselves and the people they work with.


This innovative learning facility provides actors and artists with the skills and vital information they will need in order to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Classes are led by industry professionals/educators and will provide students with comprehensive curriculum and programs. Our variety of instructors and class levels will meet the needs of aspiring beginners, as well as the seasoned actor. The classes will develop and enhance a student’s potential as an actor, while nurturing his/her talents, creativity, and self-esteem.


The philosophy of U.A. is to serve those who possess a strong commitment to their craft and to provide them with the guidance and tools they will need in order to cultivate and develop their talent.

Ft. Lauderdale


(786) 291-0287

(305) 674-1719

99 SW 14th Street  Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33315

6454 Ne 4th av Miami Fl  33138


Alexa Freedman

OMG I love the acting class!! It is soooo much fun!! It makes me soooo happy!!


 Daisy Flores 

Just wanted to thank you for the self tape! She got rave reviews and it opened some awesome doors for my small fry . She keeps asking for the acting classes. You guys are the best



What a great class for Antonella! Just amazing!!



  Ayden was showing dad his levels with this mad scientist story.   We are so pleased with what you have done with him over the last few weeks.  Keep inspiring just don’t know how much they will value and treasure you for a lifetime.   God bless you!



Thank you Chris for all your insight and encouragement, I am enjoying your class so much!