Elena Maria Garcia, Best Actress in a Play and Best New Work
Fuacata! A Latina’s Guide to Surviving the Universe, 
Zoetic Stage at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

¡FUÁCATA! or a Latina’s Guide to Surviving the Universe is back by popular demand!

This one-woman tour-de-force performance brings more than 20 Latina women to glorious life on stage by weaving together tales of love, marriage, immigration, and identity through eclectic stories and whimsical song!

A collaboration between Zoetic Stage Artistic Director Stuart Meltzer and highly celebrated, three-time Carbonell Award-winning Cuban-American actress Elena María García, ¡FUÁCATA! or a Latina’s Guide to Surviving the Universe finds endless humor in what it means to be Latina in today’s America, where politicians speak of building walls while tourism booms in Havana.

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All the teachers are professionals in the acting world with degrees or advanced degrees in acting or directing.  No other acting school in south Florida, to my knowledge, offers improv, scene study, on camera acting, sketch comedy writing and stand-up comedy writing.  The teachers of Bluedog do not guarantee they will make your child a star.  What they promise is to help each child explore his/her creativity and grow in confidence.


 Hi again, I just wanted to send you the YouTube link of Luke seen on Wrecked...

​Looking very forward to seeing you soon!

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THE BEST AND ONLY ACTING SCHOOL YOUR CHILD SHOULD ATTEND! I have been going to this amazing acting school for almost 3 years and I am eternally grateful for all the information I have been taught. I never DARED to think of trying a different acting studio because you will not find BETTER, more PROFESSIONAL, FUN, CARING, and BRILLIANT teachers anywhere else!!! Elena Maria Garcia is the best improvisation teacher you will ever have! She focuses on every person and enhances everyone's talents. Elena is hilarious, a brilliant actor, and a dedicated soldier to her craft. She will work with your child to bring out the best in them and teach them how to be great at whatever they want to pursue in life. (I can say this from personal experience)
I'm so glad I found my way to Bluedog, and you will, too! :D

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 Which celebrities or people in your life that have inspired you? 

Award winning actress Elena Maria Garcia... she isn’t a celebrity, but should be!!! She was my high school acting teacher and extremely successful in the South Florida theatre circuit, winner of multiple Carbonell Awards. She always told me to create my own work. For our sophomore year final, we had to write a one-man show. I’m looking over notes and remembering the process as I begin to write my new one, which I’ll be producing in 2017. 

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Chicago, IL

Unniversal Acting is the best place to get into your start into acting, especially if you want to take it seriously from a young age. I had Elena Garcia as my teacher, and she pushed me out of my box completely. I am forever grateful to that woman. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be going to the school of my dreams.

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