ADULT IMPROV:  (Chris Perez ) 7-9pm  Mondays 5 weeks 


October 11,18,25,November 1,8

This class is formulated to introduce the student to the understanding and practice of the art of improvisation and the discovery of instinctive skills and self.  The students will learn the techniques of short form Improvisation and will work intensively on the three basic elements of improvisation:  environment, characterization, and the development of a scene.  The student will learn several short form games while strengthening their mental spontaneity and creative outlet and have the opportunity.  

The student will gain a strong understanding of improv and the use of universal improv skills of listening, giving, developing, and creating in a free and unconditional manner while incorporating these elements in future monologues and scene work. Working with Short improv the student will strengthen the skills needed to succeed in their listening, ensemble, character development and trust in the truth of the moment. The course will prepare the student for further scene and characterization studies. 

The student will work in groups, exploring not only his/her spontaneous abilities, but the

ensemble’s as well.


ADULT IMPROV:  (Jerry Seeger )  7-9pm  Mondays 5 weeks 

September  21,28, oct,5,12,19


This class is designed for the adult actor who is seeking to enhance his/her creative skills, trust in self and improve listening skills in order to react honestly.  With so many commercial auditions asking actors to improvise, actors need to be able to react without thinking and take risks.  Unlock your creativity and open up your possibilities in the world of acting.

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